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Ryan is a true professional - with an artistic eye, intelligence, experience and technological savvy. But what elevates him from many other professionals - and why I continue to work with him to this day - is his total sense of play.

From headshots to publicity pics to production stills, Ryan's excitement to display the best parts of my project is infectious, which makes me feel like we're collaborating on a project, instead of him just being a hired gun.

And this collaborative and fun relationship adds the key ingredient for any shoot: comfort. Being comfortable on a shoot means that you can let go, or be vulnerable, or commit to a new direction fully, and that commitment carries through into the frame. Ryan's disarming charm, tempered with his professionalism and experience, make me feel like I'm being supported on the shoot, and all I have to do is be me.

  Richard Young - Actor | Producer of Off2Kali Comedy |


You simply don't encounter people with the amount of talent and understanding that Ryan brings to his work. In all my years of working with colleagues, I can't think of a better balance of keen business acumen and insightful creative thinking. This is why I try to involve Ryan in any creative projects I can get him on.

Although I've benefited from his skill as a director, actor and writer; it is his chosen vocation as a photographer that I feel compelled to acknowledge. All of us know people that buy a few lenses and call themselves photographers. That is not someone I would jump to work with. Ryan, on the other hand, is a person that deeply investigates and understands the objectives of a marketing campaign. He has the ability to generate ideas and enhance the purpose of the project before putting his finger to the shutter. It's something I greatly admire every time we work together.

I was very fortunate to have his assistance creating the marketing materials for two film projects. For the project All for Davey we needed photographs and a video for a promotional campaign. Not only did we end up with an engaging set of materials, we also had a wonderful time as Ryan teased out the comedic themes and character quirks to snap perfect tableaus for the film. Perhaps even more striking is the work he did with us to create support materials for our project Brothers. The beauty and simplicity of the concepts cut right to the bone of the film and portrayed it brilliantly. To this day when I think of that project, I instantly see the poster image in my mind.

If you have worked with Ryan before, I'm sure you can relate. If you haven't, I'd strongly suggest you do.


  Dave Gibson - Producer