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Ryan Fisher is not only an incredibly talented photographer, but he is also a mind-blowingly generous human being. Ryan knows what matters in a photo and goes out of his way to capture his subjects, not only at their best, but also at their most interesting, their most engaging. 

His eye for finding the unique moments in life is impeccable, something that comes across in his candid work as well as in his headshot photography. Above all, Ryan's love for actors is the driving force behind his success; he knows what they need and what they should be trying to achieve in a photo, and he pulls out all the stops to help them get it.


  Lauren MacKinlay  - Actress | Producer of 'Women on Screen'


On the recommendation of a friend, I checked out Rainyfresh Pictures and was excited by what I saw:  compelling portraits that made me stop and really look at the person in the frame.  I'm delighted to report that this was true of my shots as well!  They each convey exactly what I needed:  a sense of fun and authority and some with just a casual, relaxed attitude.  My agent particularly loved the use of lighting for both indoor and outdoor shots.  Choosing which shots to finalize was agonizing; they were all so good!

Ryan is dedicated to making sure actors get the best possible headshots he can give. Whether it's recommending a style consultant or communicating with the actor's agent, he's able to zero in on what kind of headshots are needed and how to go about creating them. Additionally, Ryan's a hoot to be around! His sense of humour, his charm, and his intelligence all gave my headshot session a fun, creative atmosphere. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ryan to anyone!


Vijay Mehta - Actor | Youtube


Ryan has the knowledge and skill required to meet whatever your specific photographic needs may be, but more importantly, he loves working as a photographer. And you feel it when you work with him. The studio is his happy place, regardless of what he’s shooting. So he has every motivation to provide you with what you want – the better his work, the more of it he gets and the happier he gets to be! 

I’ve been acting professionally for thirteen years. I’ve gone through a lot of headshots in that time. The session I did with Ryan supplied me with my favourite results. And we had a blast getting them. Hire this man.


Jaron Francis - Actor