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Thank you so much for visiting. I’m so glad you found me.

My name’s Ryan Fisher and I create earnest, light-hearted documentary-style photographs of you and your loved ones.

After years of pursuing and honing my passion in photography and making it my life’s work, I’ve learned that good stories are never forced. Genuine stories are never posed or emulated; they happen organically. And that’s where you come in - whether it’s your wedding day, the birth of your child, or celebrating a new phase in you and your family’s life, it’s so important to tell that story in its complete and complex beauty.

I connect with people first, my camera is just how I do it. I love being around people and getting to know what inspires them, what drives them and where they find home in the world. At the core of every compelling story are raw, honest and vulnerable moments, moments that pass in a blink of an eye. To me, photography is never one-way, it’s always a conversation. It’s a chance to connect and invest one frame at a time.

My favourite part of telling a story is capturing life in all of its small parts. I love spending time with and capturing the true essence of the people I meet. Whenever I’m weaving a story, I always hope they’re about friends as well as clients. Your story needs to be told and I hope you’ll consider me for your storyteller.