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Wedding Testimonials


We are so happy Ryan could do the photography for our wedding! Ryan is, without any doubt, a super talented photographer, and one of the most accommodating and considerate people to work with. Ryan dedicated much of his time asking us questions and learning as much as he could about our big day and our style as a couple in order to give us the most personalized service. He even went so far as to scout for the best shooting locations around the city the day before our wedding, which made things run much more smoothly and efficiently on the day of the wedding (bonus: we avoided time-sucking construction detours thanks to Ryan!).

Ryan is fantastic to work with - not only is he extremely knowledgeable and skilled in photography, he made us feel completely at ease and relaxed while he took our photos with his lighthearted humor and personable nature. Most of our wedding guests even commented on how much they enjoyed meeting Ryan and watching him work during our big day - a testament to Ryan's amazing ability to interact with anyone and make a positive impression.  We were stunned at the amazing photos Ryan shared with us after the wedding - the formal portraits were beautiful, and the candid shots of our guests perfectly captured the atmosphere and energy of the entire day!

Basically, if we had to give Ryan a score out of ten for service, professionalism, personalization, and quality, we'd give him 9000!

- Jo Newman, July 2014


If you're looking for a photographer that will guide your session, help you loosen up & show your true personality, look no further than Rainyfresh Pictures!

My fiancé and I were dead set against engagement photos - we only knew of the stiff, posed and hokey ones we'd seen in the past. Ryan made it very clear that the photos would be a reflection of ourselves and our relationship, and worked closely with us to plan a day that would be a lot of fun and incorporate all the shots we needed.

On the day, he met with us after having done an entire location scout of High Park (no easy feat) and had several ideas of locations where we could shoot. He also encouraged us to provide our own ideas, and his enthusiasm for getting everything we wanted made us feel like we weren't demanding at all. I think sometimes as the bride & groom, couples can worry that they're asking too much of people - Ryan never made us feel that way at all. He also really helped me relax and not feel totally awkward getting my photo taken, which is a huge accomplishment!

Really, my fiancé and I can't speak highly enough of our experience with Ryan. He produced a highly enjoyable session and some absolutely outstanding photos that we can't wait to use in our Save The Date cards & our personal wedding website. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself - they are 100% a reflection of who we are as people (especially since our dog is in most of them)! :)


- Lauren MacKinlay, November 2014